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Value Maximiser Sale Process

Value Maximiser Timeline

  • Information Request
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Delivery of CIM Outline
  • Delivery of Buyers List
  • Delivery of CIM Draft, Teaser and Intro Letter
  • Go to Market
  • Follow-up calls by senior M&A intermediary.
  • Receipt of indications of interest
  • Management meetings with selected Targets
  • Call for LOI’s
  • LOI negotiated with top buyer
  • Due Diligence, Purchase Agreement, Closing

Sellers have options in executing a sale so why run the Value Maximiser Exit Programme?

If an exhaustive and professional process is executed, the selling shareholders can...
– Put their head on the pillow at night and sleep peacefully,
– Never question the value they got for the business, and
– Never worry about the buyer that “got away”

Beyond the Obvious Buyer

  • Obvious buyers
  • Less obvious buyers
  • The More Strategic, the higher the price
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