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The Business Valuation Process:

Our simple four step process is the fastest, and most efficient way to confidentially assess the value of your business.

Step one : Complete the unique Business Hunters Questionnaire

As soon as you place your order with us, your confidential login details will be generated and mailed to you. Use your confidential login information to securely access our system and complete the Business Hunters Business Valuation Questionnaire. This will take you about 30 minutes to complete and can be saved on the system should you need to finish it another time. This Questionnaire is detailed and covers all the relevant topics for the valuation, including; 〉 The Nature of the Business 〉 Your corporate Identity 〉 Business registration numbers and Tax numbers 〉 Real estate and other relevant adjustments to your balance sheet 〉 Your financial statements will be uploaded in Excel, QuickBooks, or MYOB formats. The accuracy of this questionnaire is vital as it allows our auditing team to see the mechanics of your business in the past, present and projected future.

Step two : Business Hunters  Verification and Confirmation

We will assess your questionnaire and contact you should we need to confirm the valuation valuation data to ensure that all special circumstances have been incorporated into the final valuation.

Step three : Business Hunters experts Value your Business.

The Business Hunters team of registered auditors and valuation experts assess and adjust your financial statements to realise the true economic value of your company. A range of business valuation methods that are best suited to the size and nature of your business are then applied to produce your confidential valuation report. These methods include; 〉 Asset Based Valuation Methods 〉 Historical Earnings Methods 〉 Excess Earnings Methods 〉 Comparable Sales Methods 〉 P/E Ratio Methods 〉 Future Earnings Methods 〉 Discounted Cash Flow Methods

Step four : Writing the Business Valuation Report

The comprehensive analysis of your business is compiled and your confidential business valuation Report is generated. This outlines the Business Hunter’s teams professional opinion, related to the market value of your company.