Sell a Business Valued Above R10 Million

/Sell a Business Valued Above R10 Million
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Value Maximiser Exit Programme

Business Hunters – middle market team  can assist you inselling your business for its maximum value through our unique Value Maximiser Exit Programme.

For the effective sale of a high value business, a standard business-broker approach is insufficient. You need a professional, hard hitting merger and acquisition specialist who can partner with you and assist you to transition easily and efficiently, and maximise your profit.

The assessment, valuation procedures and marketing approach is much more detailed and intensive and requires the hands-on expertise of a number of professionals. Let the professional merger and acquisition team at Business Hunters partner with you and guide you through this process.

Business Hunters is renowned for their professionalism and expertise, and and is proud to be the merger and acquisition partner of choice for a number of top-listed companies in South Africa and abroad.

We are Certified Merger & Acquisition Professionals – Kennesaw State University, USA. 

Three Types of Transactions

The Negotiated Sale 37
The Confidential Broad Auction 77
The Limited / Controlled Auction Process 54

Value Maximiser – The Process and Benefits


  • Alternative strategies and buyer segment research
  • Buyer Research
  • Confidential Information Memorandum
  • Preparation of blind executive summary
  • Target company qualification process
  • Regular reporting to clients
  • Management briefings
  • Facilitation of auction to optimize the price
  • Advise on letter of intent
  • Monitor due diligence and closing


  • All target company contacts are made by Business Hunters M&A Professionals
  • Our senior level operating experience facilitates peer-peer discussions with targets.
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