How to improve your business’s digital worth before selling it

How to improve your business’s digital worth before selling it

Your business’s digital presence is now an essential part of your marketing package. Customers expect you to have a website and social media profiles with which they can engage. If they can’t find you online, then they are liable to look elsewhere. If you are looking to sell your business, then potential buyers will want your business to come as fully formed as possible – so they could be turned off if they see that your current digital presence is basic or non-existent. There are several ways that you can quickly create or improve your business’s digital presence.


Make a website, and make it look good

This is going to be your first port of call. Social media might be growing in importance, but your website is your digital presence’s base. It should have a homepage that spells out what you do and why customers or clients should choose you. Another essential is a contact page that tells any interested parties your contact email and business phone number. You will also need product/service pages that go into more detail about what it is that you do and why you are the best option. Make sure that it looks presentable and something that you would not be ashamed to show to a potential buyer of your business.


Add a blog

Now that you have a website set up, you can add a blog to it. Your business’s blog is a great place to introduce a personal touch to your website. Here, you can talk about events that you have coming up, new happenings at your business, feature articles written by employees, or just link to fun videos. This will keep your website fresh with new content.


Social media profiles

There are so many platforms available for your business to establish a social media presence on before being sold. A large social media presence with millions of followers is extremely attractive to potential buyers of your business. You can increase your presence through providing interesting, clickable content. Content could be articles on your blog, fun pictures or enticing videos. Make your own videos and feature articles written by your expert employees to create unique content and really carve out your niche.


Use digital business directories

Business directories are fantastic resources for businesses. List your business in general business directories and in specialist industry directories to ensure that you take full advantage. When using listings, make sure that you input your business details correctly so that you have a consistent online presence, in terms of name and contact details. A potential buyer will want your business to be listed in business directories to help ensure that customers will come across your name when they search for the product or service they need.



Your digital presence is something to be nurtured, grown and improved before you sell your business – when you put it on the market, you can then point buyers to your thousands of followers and slick website. Importantly, you should remember that, as well as your digital presence, there are other factors that you need to think about before selling your business.


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