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Seller financing: the seller extends his or her own notes to the buyer in lieu of all cash at closing or other debt financing, such as bank loans.
Senior debt: the most secure bank debt and the first in line with primary collateral. Often senior debt is a short-term revolving loan that is paid down completely within a year.
SIC: abbreviation for standard industry code, which is numerical categorization for specific industries. Most business directories are organized by geography and SIC.
Skimming: the business owner is personally taking money off the top of the company revenue stream.
Stepped-up based: in most asset transactions, the basis of the assets of the target corporation is stepped up in value to the purchaser’s cost.
Subordinated debt: refers to non-bank debt, which is less secure than bank (or senior) debt. To attract lenders, borrowers often give subordinated lenders rights to convert their debt to equity.
Tender offer: a publicized bid to buy shares of a publicly owned company at a price substantially above the current market price.