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M&A Source Conference and Dealmakers Expo in Dallas Texas

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I'm attending the M&A Source Conference and Dealmakers Expo in Dallas, Texas. Parties interested in meeting please contact me on my US mobile +1 (646) 727 5462 or email:

Getting Ready to Sell Your Business?

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Selling your business starts with questions. Is your business ready for sale? Would the business attract the right type of buyer? Am I emotionally ready to sell the business? What is the value of my business? What is the process in selling my business?  How do I protect the confidentiality of the sale? Would I [...]


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Inc. recently posted "10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Business." The 10 questions are excellent and certainly a prospective buyer should try to get answers to all of them. Below are a few comments based on many years of experience both as a business broker and business owner. Listen to the Wife If the [...]


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62 REASONS FOR SELLERS HIRING BROKERS Access broker or advisor’s database of potential buyers and investors Advertising run and paid by broker Affiliated brokerage or advisory offices may attract more buyers Assistance during escrow closing Background check on potential buyers run by broker or advisor Broker or advisor can confer with seller, legal and tax [...]