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How to conduct a Competitors Analysis

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Introduction Most business owners would need to identify and conduct research on who they are competing with as part of their ongoing business survival efforts. The aim of this article is to: Define what is a Competitors Analysis . Identify the Types of Competitors. Identify the Classification of Competitors. What questions to ask when assessing [...]

Biz Strategy 101: How to do a PEST Analysis

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Introduction This series looks at the different strategic tools and methods used when designing your business strategy for execution. In this article we will look at the PEST analysis.   What does "PEST" mean ? It refers to "Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological". This analysis is used for marketing and business development assessments. What is the [...]

Getting Ready to Sell Your Business?

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Selling your business starts with questions. Is your business ready for sale? Would the business attract the right type of buyer? Am I emotionally ready to sell the business? What is the value of my business? What is the process in selling my business?  How do I protect the confidentiality of the sale? Would I [...]

Surprises CEOs Face When Selling Their Companies

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Surprise #1: Substantial Time Commitment In the real estate business, once the owner engages the broker there is very little for the owner to do until the broker presents the various offers from the potential buyers.  In the M&A business, there is a substantial time commitment required of the CEO/Owner in order to complete the [...]